Ohio State Electronics was founded in 1977 in Cleveland, Ohio. Specializing in business data systems, cutting edge computer technology, and medical office systems. In 1985 we added sales, service and support to Columbus, and vicinity. In 1988 we expanded again to the northwest part of the state including our new home Put-In-Bay, Ohio. The expansion of the internet allowed us to expand our coverage, with our partners, while reducing our costs. Originally, we found a nitch in the overlooked small business/medical fields. But our reputation of frugal consulting, and tight cost procedures, brought interest in large fortune 500 businesses.

Some of our clients have been Bank One, Key Bank, Ameritech, Penske, GE Capital, The Ohio State University, Ohio State University Hospital, First Energy, and The Cleveland Clinic.

Our clients have saved thousands of dollars by purchasing parts and consumables that our buyers buy on spot markets. This buying model all but eliminates holding, and warehousing costs that are passed back to the clients. These benefits are derived from overstocks, liquidations, consolidations, and business buyouts. The same high quality parts, and consumables, but often 50% off of retail.

The Consulting portion, handles network design, and implementation, for dependable Novell Networking systems. The ever popular Windows Domain, and Active Directories. Digital Imaging interfaces for Xerox, and Canon systems. Siemens Radiology systems of Magic Web, Magic View, and Syngo Web PAX digital Radiology.

Voice over IP Telephony. Ohio State Electronics has been testing and refining Voice over IP for the last 10 years. Finally we have business and consumer grade solutions that we are confident will exceed our customers expectations. From integrated PBX interchanges, to handheld Pocket PC, and I-Phone World Technology. We are now an affiliate with the worlds largest VoIP network of over 100 million users. Finally technology, and connectivity has caught up with commercial products for our customers.