Daves Rentals offer some of the best properties on South Bass Island(Put-In-Bay), Ohio.

We have a perfect property to suit your vacation needs. From a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or even a group outing. All of our properties, are located on a wooded lot to help relax from the city/suburban life of the normal week. Close to the entertainment district, beaches, and watersports but far enough to feel relaxed, in a quite, and safe area.


2 3 4 5
Linens Included Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Bedrooms 2 2 1 3
Number of Baths 11/2 1 1 2
Fire Pit, Picnic Table Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Kitchen Full Size Oven,Fridge Microwave Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pots, Pans, Dishes, Glasses, and Silverware Yes Yes Yes Yes
Grill - Private Deck Yes-1 Yes-1 Yes-1 Yes-1
Color TV,VCR, and Stereo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Occupancy 8 8 5 9